Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Spring Break

I had to look to see where I left off on pictures. Looks like you get to hear/see about Branson. Let me just remind everyone that I live in a "box" my box is a VERY HAPPY and SAFE and PREDICTABLE place to live, just like I LIKE IT! My husband lives everywhere OUTSIDE my box and in a very unstructered way. So this is how spring break went down, I have break planned in my head, when were are leaving, where we are going, what days and what we are going to do. Sue, the kids and I were leaving on Tuesday, driving to Grand, going to Carthridge Wednesday, play around Grove and the lake on Thursday, home Friday. Good plan!!! SO Monday night, 9:30 Jeremey asks when I want to stay in Branson, Wed or Thurs night. I ask do I have to decide now? He said yes, I am on the phone making reservations. My plans fly out the window, stress and unpredictablity fly right in! Just the way Jeremey likes it! Sue, the kids adn I drive to the lake on Tuesday, Precious Moments Wednesday. Then we drive to Branson Thursday and stay the night, planned to go to Silver Dollar City, plans change quickly when we see the LONG line of cars waiting to get in, and it was a line MILES long. We eat at Cracker Barrell, and go ride the Ducks. They were so much fun, we got quackers, and pictures and got to see Table Rock Lake the highest it has been in decades, got to go in the lake, Seth, Zachery, Natalie and Riley drove the duck in the lake. Got to see the floodgates open on the lake. It was quite impressive! Then we went to the Boardwalk, they had a very cool, water/fire show and did window shopping. Then grabbed a quick bite and off to the hotel (next to a Starbucks) and went to sleep! We drove back to Grand Lake, got in the plane and came home. I tell you an hour flight sure beats a 4 hour drive. Sorry Sue! I did survive the week and had a good time, even if I was forced outside my box. I should learn that after (almost) 10 years of marriage with Jeremey he is not going to let me stay in my box very long.

Mom with Natalie and Emalie waiting for our Duck ride to begin.

Daddy with Abbey and Zachery ready to roll.

Zachery taking his turn at the wheel.

Natalie did not miss a beat, Capt. Mark asked who wants to drive and she was the first one there!Miss Riley showing off her driving skills.

Seth did a very nice job driving and didn't even hit any boats!

Quack KissesTable Rock flood gates opened.

Daddy and Emalie taking in the show.

Abbey and Natalie are sitting on the very far edge watching the show. I had just as much fun watching them as I did the show.

Our FamilyZachery on the way home. He fell asleep soon after we took the picture.Natalie go to sit up front with Daddy. It was the first time and she was very proud that she didn't touch any of the buttons on the airplane, and just let Daddy fly it.

And Miss Emalie Ann, had a very nice nap on the way home too!

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