Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was Sunday and I am truly blessed! Look at what wonderful creatures God has graced me with to raise! I only pray that I teach them to know Him and love Him and turn to Him everyday. I AM SO LUCKY!!!!
A mama hen and her 4 chicks!

A mama hen and 1/4 of her chicks!

I was lucky enough to spend part of my mother's day with my mom. It is so nice to just spend time with her, and at the home that I grew up in. I just get so sentimental about home. It is only 25 minutes away and I still love going there! Maybe its the two residents there, the verdict is still out on that one! I have such a new respect for my parents, especially since we have 4 of our own just like they did. I think they did a heck of a job raising us, if I may say so myself!

A sidenote to Mother's Day is that I don't have to cook anything big for meals. We had sandwhiches for lunch and Amby made lasagna. YUM. Then we headed to see Nana for Mother's Day and missed dessert with her by 2 phone calls. Trust me, I am very disappointed. I hate to miss dessert! But we did catch up with them at her house and got to chat for a while before bedtime!

Happy Mother's Day to All and to all (especially mine) a Good Night!

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