Monday, May 12, 2008

Zoo pictures

To prove that we really did go to the zoo I will start with the animals. Lions, warthogs, gorillas and giraffes. I will let you know that I took more picts of the kiddos than of the animals! Are you suprised?

On Thursday we went to the zoo with Natalie's preschool and took Zachery and Emalie. A preschool friend joined our group for the day. Weather was beautiful!

Emalie really loved the zoo the first day, big smiles!!!
How cute, making sure Zachery doesn't run off!
Zachery got VERY EXCITED about the penguins! I got this picture in mid jump!
Girls and Gorillas!

On Friday, I rode the school bus up to the zoo with Abbey and her class. It is a long trip to Wichita with 40+ loud kids and a bus that drives 60-65! But I am very happy I did it. Nana brought Emalie up to the zoo late in the morning. The weather Friday was WINDY! I was in "charge" of 3 girls this trip. I was so scared I was going to lose one of them! But I didn't!

Wasn't I just here? De ja vue?
Future model!
Can you tell that Abbey loves animals?
Abbey, Madison and Mikayla. The girls took pictures at almost every sculpture they saw!

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