Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emalie is in L-O-V-E

With her Daddy. Ever since he got done with harvest Emalie is all about her Daddy. She reaches for him (out of my arms) and wants to be with him whenever he is home. He came home to change his clothes yesterday, she laid eyes on him and that was it. They had to go together to the closet. LOVE i tell you, its LOVE. And then when he leaves her it breaks her little heart. Big tears and loud cries. She loves her Daddy. It's nice to know that the feeling is mutual! Emalie and Daddy getting ready for work this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jeremey, I remembered your Birthday a day late while I was in CA so since that was not your BD I didnt go ahead and call.

Thank you & Jessica for all you did for me for puppy dog, Ali. I'm sad but I cant help it after all she lived with me for 16 years. Thank you.

Aunt B