Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Moving Day, It's Moving Day!

My brother Justy and sister in law Amby moved out of the Danville homestead to become official home owner in Riley. We will miss them dearly! We have enjoyed having them so close to us for 3 years. We are sad to see them go (although Justy and Dad are happy about the move). On an injury note, Aunt Sandy fell down the stairs and broke her leg! Feel better soon! I will give it to Sandy. Here she is with a broken leg and she didn't even act like it hurt that bad! You are a trooper!!!
Uncle Justy with Emalie, Mimi with Zachery, Aunty Amby, Uncle Dean, Aunt Sandy with Abbey and Natalie, Papa and me. I used a self timer on the camera so we could all get in the pict!

This is what we hope Justy and Amby look like in about 22 months! (A baby of their own) Hint Hint
And then in 9 years from now their family can look like this! Or they could just have 2 sets of twins and get it over with quicker!

Amby and Natalie before the U-Haul takes off. That night Natalie got Amby and Justy's wedding pict and put it in her room. She said she missed them already and wanted to "just look at them and remember them"

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