Sunday, July 6, 2008

Harvest 2008 is over!

It started June 12th and ended yesterday July 5th. It was a very bountiful harvest and we are very pleased. The guys worked SO MANY VERY LONG HOURS! They are very tired to say the least. We are having a steak cookout tonight to celebrate the end of harvest, then the guys have to go back to work on Monday to start the clean up of all the equipment. Before harvest started a storm blew threw and turned over one of our headers. Fortunately is wasn't damaged.

Clean combines ready to eat some wheat. We cut for 3 days in the mud with these machines, then it rained and they kept working on repairs and bought another red one. They are glad that they did because they would still be cutting if it hadn't been for that 4th machine. The last 5 days harvest ran pretty smooth without many mishaps.

This is one of those mishaps. It was extremely muddy for the majority of harvest!

This was one of the very big mishaps. An axle broke on the rear wheel assist. They had just put it on this harvest. So this machine was down for a day.

Natalie driving the grain cart with Grandpa Ray.

Jeremey with Emalie, Zachery and Abbey.

Be happy with this picture there will not be many more like it. I am allergic to wheat dust and haven't been out to ride a combine in about 4 years. When I had to go to the hospital to get a shot so that I could breathe. Guess where I went the evening that this picture was taken? Yep, the hospital to get some meds so I could breathe. Now they start and IV and the meds go in that way, but it took 3 pokes before they got it started. But we thank God that it is over and was productive and safe. Blessings to all who are still cutting!

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Bickel said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the nice note on my tales from the crib blog, which I haven't had time to check until harvest was over, as well! I got the K-Stater and saw the twins were listed. Thanks for the tip, i didn't know they were in there! Hope harvest went well, love the pics of harvest. Bet you are glad it is over. -- amy bickel