Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Ides of July plus 1 day

From my TSA advisor, Mr. Wiechen I learned that the Ides of March was the 15th. So I am assuming that this holds true for every month. Hence the name of one of today's blogs. Here are some of my thoughts and happenings in This Graves Family:
  • Where exactly did July go? It's half way over.
  • For that matter where did 2008 go?
  • I will celebrate my Last First-Emalie will be 1 next month (I have been having a lot of those Last/First Moments this year) Teeth, baby food, sleeping in our room, wave, crawl, standing for miliseconds...the list goes on!
  • Couple birthdays around here, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Sandy, Russel and Audry and as Zachery put it "Big Baby Emily" (Farmer)
  • 24 Karat Investment warned I have thoughts brewing and they involve a new blog! But don't hold your breath to see it. It's only still brewing.
  • Got to enjoy a fab night out with 24K for the monthly meeting...October to July is a long time to be away. It was nice to be back! Thanks for great food and DRINKS Donna and Mandy.
  • I have pregnant women all around me and its not going to be me ever again (another one of those First/Last moments) Yes..I'm over that (well most days anyway!) So congrats to Aunt Julie, Aunt Nae, Lori, Sunny and Jessi who had Jillian!
  • My sister Julie joined the blog world today!
  • I am posting picts of some of the things we have done this month.

Did you know that stock tanks could be so much fun? Papa and Mimi have set theirs up.

Papa and Emalie just chillin' in the shade.

We went to the 104 running of the Anthony Downs. Never had we had to use blankets! Aunt B and Zachery are keeping each other warm.

Wind blown ladies at the races!

And last but not least my BELOVED Kodak V610...well it missed swim lessons, can not swim, does not like the water and now refuses to work. We were at Nana's when I layed it on a towel then picked up the towel to dry off. Grab your kleenex now....I have put it out to pasture...well the kids' toy room anyway. Jeremey graciously gave me his Cannon Elph...but I am still looking!

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