Friday, June 13, 2008

Harvest 2008

Our 2008 Harvest is now underway as of yesterday the 12th. The first field they started cutting on got rained out last night but the Ponderosa didn't so the crew moved there today. Zachery has been looking forward to "my tractor" and "my bombine (combine)" for a long time.
Grandma Ray let Natalie drive the tractor today. Grandpa is the grain cart operator.

Jeremey is undertaking the truck driving, until the kids get to the field and are ready to ride in a combine, then he is the driver.

Daddy with Emalie, Zachery and Natalie after our ride to the elevator.

Daddy, E and Z headed to the car to load up.

We didn't stay to long tonight. It seems like it takes a couple of days to get into the groove of things and its alot easier to find the groove with the kids to watch out for. Heck, it has been almost two years since they have got to be in the field more than 7 days! We are praying for the rain to be taken out of the forecast. It's always hard to get the kids to understand that it's really OK if we wait until after lunch to get to the field. Zachery lately has been ready to go as soon as he wakes up!

Abbey gets home sometime tomorrow and we will take her out to the field too!

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