Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She is an American Girl Part II

I decided to go back and get the rest of the deleted you might want to read the next post first!

It is very tiring looking at the windy city...Here is Abbey sleeping in the taxi...which she was very excited about riding in.

Mia and Molly ready to hit the town. I think this picture is so cute!

They went to the Navy Pier and rode the tallest ferris wheel. It more than 150 tall. Abbey has also rode the highest ferris wheel altidtude-wise at the North Pole in Colorado. It's on a mountain. I bet not many people have rode both!

Molly is getting her hair brushed through.

This is Abbey's other friend. She shared a goodie bag with her. She traveled to Chicago all the way from Montana.

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Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, & Calvin said...

It looks like she had an amazing time! I hope our girl will have that much fun when she is Abbey's age.