Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Today Zachery got a piece of gum, I told him it goes in the trash when he is done. Little later he is not chewing it anymore and I ask him where his gum is. He lifts up his shirt and says "tummy". I tell him it was to go in the trash. This evening he asked for another piece, again same talk about where it goes when he is done. He agrees, "trash". About 30 minutes later he is still chewing it as I go to change his diaper, I am telling him what a good boy he is about chewing his gum and again reminded him that it goes in the trash when he is done.
My loveable little 2 year old, SWALLOWS IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! In my very STERN voice I say, "Zachery, that is not funny!" and he just grins ear to ear, laughs and says "Yes, Mommy, Funny!"

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