Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nana's Pool

Although Nana's pool has been open nearly a month, we finally got in it 2 weeks ago (have I ever mentioned how time flies by?) So here we have some picts of the pool! It was a bit chilly when we first got in, but we finally got to go swimming! Zachery played more out the pool then he did in it. Zachery and a water toy, do I need to mention that I bought another water gun, Abbey has one from her birthday. You would think there would be no fighting over the toys. WRONG! Lesson I have learned: BUY THE EXACT SAME THING!

Abbey is my little fish and loves the water!

Get a load of Natalie. I think she had all the bases covered: Fins, floaty belt, goggles, and snorkel. She had a good time, but not so fond of going under the water.

This is how Emalie spent most of the swimming day. She was so tired she passed out on Uncle Dick's lap. So cute!

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