Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She is an American Girl

Grab a bag of popcorn, you will be here a while! My (7 year old) baby went to the American Girl Place last week with Nana. These are just a few of the picts they took. Nana did an excellent job of chronicling their trip. Thank you! Some of the pictures are out of order, bear with me, there are lots.
Here is Molly and Abbey waiting for the plane in KC headed to Chicago.

Abbey had the luggage under control...

she also had hailing the cab taken care of too. Molly is along for the ride in her backpack.

First out of order picture...The night before they left they stayed with Riley and Aunt Nae. Ate dinner at a Dino themed resturant and got to paint their dessert which was a dino shaped rice crispy treat.

Then they had to go exploring and dug up some dino bones.

They have arrived at the American Girl place, Abbey and Molly posing in front of the Kit movie poster.
Making her first big purchase...A new doll...Mia
Abbey is Nana's girl, look at that shopping bag...It's stuffed!

I need more hands Nana!

Back at the hotel she is checking out the bed provided for Molly and Mia.

Sitting down to quinche here thirst with some water with Molly for lunch.

Since this was for her birthday, she got a special cake to share.
Abbey met this girl with her look a like at the store. (She made another friend, but I just deleted the pict).

Abbey and the Bean in Chicago.

On top of a double decker bus...Got to sightsee Chicago and saw Oprah's house.

Abbey got to ride a carriage too, here she is with Tate...My horse girl!

It's been a long day...Abbey, Molly and Mia ready for bed.

A close up of Abbey, Molly and Mia. Now Abbey has two sets of matching pj's.

A new day and new adventure. Climbing at the Children's Museum.

This is a very interesting horse... Take a peek at what it is made of!

Abbey and a very realistic turtle at the Aquarium.

Abbey had a great time with her Nana. She said the American Girl place and the horse ride were two of her favorite things. Their plane home was late taking off and Nana said she moved as much as humanly possible without leaving her sit, and then fell asleep the last 10 minutes of the flight. I think her two favorite parts might have been her alone and quiet time with Nana, (it's pretty loud at our house most of the day) and not having to share the spotlight with anyone!

We are so happy to have her safely back home!

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