Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Outside fun

I took Zachery and Emalie outside to take their pictures in the Wheat for their W page in the ABC book I am making for them.

Abbey playing 1st base in T-ball. I thought the framing of the fence was pretty neat.

Jeremey, Emalie and Zachery cheering on Abbey.

It got warm enough 2 weeks ago that we got out the sprinkle. Last years model has bitten the dust, so we got the Nemo mat that squirts up water.

The girls found a mud pile by the roundtop. I made it easier on myself to just have them strip down to their skivvies, that way skivvies were the only thing that needed to be washed.

I think this is a glimpse into the future. Abbey is going to pester Zachery ALOT! He is in tears because she wiped the mud on his belly. He didn't mind getting dirty, he just wanted to do it on his terms.


Barry, Megan, Jonathan, Joshua & Zachary Welch said...

Too cute! We have been wanting to do wheat pictures for a week now and just haven't gotten around to doing it. Maybe tomorrow. I love the mud pics! Jonathan and Joshua are just like that too, JOnathan loves to "help" Joshua do things when he really wants to do them himself.

Looks like you all have been having fun!


pjcrc said...

so are the mud pics for the m page of the abc book