Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's play catch up

I promise I am still here....just been a bit busy doing nothing I think...I don't even remember! The kids are all healthy and growing well. Abbey likes 2nd grade, even if there aren't as many crafts. She has a really good teacher which I am very grateful for.
Emalie is following in her siblings footsteps, she loves apples too!

Papa is swinging Natalie. This is one of the kids' favorite thing to do with Papa.

Papa and Emalie chillin'

Emalie learning just how good cherry limeades are-she didn't want to put down the cup. See the green cup of milk? She didn't want anything to do with the milk!

Baby Cole came to visit us this month. I just love his cheeks!

And he brought big sister Joslyn and big brother Blay.

Zachery was so tired he fell asleep watching a movie.

Sue's school craft was donuts for D...the best part was the sprinkles!

More sprinkles!

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