Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today our Natalie turns 5-I can't believe it happened so quickly! This morning I woke her up saying "Happy Birthday" and she just said how she didn't want to go to school. At the breakfast table she was eating, stopped and shouted "Today, I'm 5" It just made me laugh!!! After cupcakes at preschool we went to eat lunch with Daddy!
Happy Birthday Natalie~We love you! Natalie at our house.

Natalie at Aunt B and Uncle Dick's house. This is one of my favorite picts of her.

Natalie and her 1st birthday cake.

Natalie's 2nd birthday.

Celebrating her 3rd birthday at preschool.

Celebrating her 4th birthday at preschool.

Today we celebrated her 5th birthday at preschool. I don't know of many kids that get to have 3 years of parties at the same preschool.

Natalie got a cookbook for Christmas last year with an adorable Princess cake on the cover. She would tell me she wanted a High School Musical cake, then it would be a Camp Rock cake, then she would switch to this Princess cake. She decided on HS Musical. Then on Tuesday she said she really wanted this Princess cake. Well dear, your cake is going to be a HS Musical cake I am sorry. In steps Sue to save the day. She wanted to do something special for Natalie and she DID!! Sue made the cake last night, delivered it to us, and she just LOVED the cake! Her and Zachery practiced feeding it to each other so I am glad we got this picture taken!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!!
Love the pictures.

Barry, Megan, Jonathan, Joshua & Zachary Welch said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Natalie! We hope you had a great day.

The Welch's