Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jeremey and his son

Jeremey loves all of his children. Would do anything for them. And he really loves being a daddy to 3 of the cutest girls you will ever lay your eyes on. BUT...he is very excited to be a daddy to the cutest boy you will every lay your eyes on too. Jeremey and Zachery BOTH love going to the farm. Zachery is all about tractors. Well on Monday while the big girls were at the lake with Nana and Papa, Zachery got to spend some time on the tractor. They were both thrilled. I think Jeremey has been anxiously awaiting some real father/son bonding time on the tractor. Zachery even got to go potty of the steps. He thought that was pretty cool.
Daddy and Zachery heading to the field.
Zachery buckled up. Jeremey was looking at getting another tractor this year. Want to know what the MUST HAVE was: a buddy seat for the kids!
I performed farm wife duties by moving tractors, hooking up plows, bringing food etc...well Jeremey was in road gear following us and I asked Zachery if he was going fast or slow. He smiled and said "Daddy's going bunny." There's a bunny picture on the throttle for fast, and there is a turtle for slow. Now that is one pretty smart 2 year old!

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