Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My green thumb

I have a green its not because of the beautiful 4 kids that I have "grown" but thanks!
I have a green thumb truly by accident. Last year at some point a tomato went bad in my fridge. I walked through the sun porch, opened the door and casually tossed in into the weed bed next to the steps. This spring a funny plant started to grow...and grow...and grow. Then it made little yellow flowers. On Monday I took a picture of the 2 littles next to my accidental tomato plant. By the way aren't brother and sister cute? Well anyway since the plant was an accident I didn't expect the flowers to make anything... but guess what?
I have accidentally grew tomatos. And not just 1, so far I have counted 5! I am now offically calling myself a gardener! (with a green thumb!)

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