Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A series of pictures

Series No. 1: How to jump off a car (aka I am a boy) As told by Zachery.
First you find your sister's barbie car. The one that has never been jumped off by A GIRL.
Step over the steering wheel and stand on the hood.

Take a big leap while laughing.

Land safely on the ground. Thanks in part to Mom's silent prayers and my skill.

Series No. 2: I am a big kid too as told by Emalie.

Those big kids think they know everything. They walk by this toy everyday push the red button and listen to the music play and watch this red arm swing. Well I have been paying very close attention to you guys and guess what? I am a big kid too!

See here is the red button.

All you do is push the button and boom, music is playing and the arm is swinging.

Look...I can even reach it. I told you I was a big kid!

Series No. 3: How to react to boys, as shown by Riley. It is OK if a boy wants to stand close to you and put his arm around you.

It is even OK for a boy to give you a hug.

But the's OK but....I know just how to handle this.

EWWWWWW.....Boy germs!

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