Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The big kids

Isn't is sweet when you can catch some sisterly love? Natalie and Zachery settled in to watch a movie and she just so tenderly draped her arm around him! It was so precious! To continue Natalie's birthday celebration the kids got to take a "big bath" I was bathing Emalie in the small tub and just heard a lot of laughter from our bathroom. I usually do when its Jeremey giving baths or showers. He by far is the "fun one". In fact Abbey told him this week that they like "you best" except when we are in trouble then "we like mom better". She is 7, can she really learn that this early in life? But I digress....When I went to load picts on the computer, I found these. Jeremey got the camera to take picts. I am so happy that he thought of me and shared them!
Natalie as "Santa"

Abbey as "someone famous with a goatee" I can't think of his name right now.

Zachery trying hard to grow his first facial hairs.

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